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Clinic Profile A dental surgeon from New Zealand, Dr. A. Alrubyee is a member of IAO in USA and NZDA in New Zealand. He passed his NZDRex in 2000 and began working at Geddes Dental Group in Red Beach, New Zealand. In mid 2001 he started his own dental centre in Auckland and worked there till 2009. During this time he completed his orthodontics-training in Sunshine coast, Australia. Dr. A. Alrubyee started Kamilia Polyclinic in 2010 envisioning world class medical and dental care. What started out as a small idea has now turned into a large enterprise, with local and international branches planned for the near future. At Kamilia Polyclinic Dr. Alrubyee has introduced and implemented the latest dental technologies and systems: Sopro imaging machine for detecting decay at the earliest stages so that it can be treated conservatively. Latest Technology for relieving dentine hypersensitivity in seconds. It is the only rotary system for endodontics. We also have medical, laser hair removal, X Ray and other departments. Clinical Expertise & Services Offered Conservative Dentistry Management of Crowns and Bridges Conservative restoration of Ceramic Veneers and inlays Dental treatment under general Anesthesia Fillings (Glass Ionomers ,Compomers) Root Canal Treatment (Pulpotomy & Pulpectomy) Stainless Steel Crowns for primary teeth Fluoride Application Fissure Sealants Dental prophylaxis (scaling and polishing) Performing Dental treatments & Surgeries under GA & LA All the procedure will be performed in a highly sterilised environment, as there is a separate especial room for sterilisation following special strict sterilisation codes Nitrous oxide machine for patients who cannot take the pain of dental treatment. In Kamilia Polyclinic, painful dental treatment will be painless. Laser Hair Treatment in Dubai Services Planned in the Near Future Laser technology for dental, and treating pigmentation of Gums and gingiva and bleaching of teeth. CAD/CAM System


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