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At Advance Hearing and Balance Center, we understand that a person’s wellbeing can be greatly affected by Ear, Nose and Throat disorders. So we strive to ensure that our patients don’t miss out on a single precious moment of their life because of their condition. Imagine a treatment that fits your unique lifestyle and most importantly, one that you are comfortable with. Our friendly and professional staff will help you gain the most benefit and value from your appointment and most importantly, will guide you in deciding which treatment is right for you. It’s the compassion and the care that you have always wanted. Advance Hearing & Balance Center (AHBC) is a private medical clinic based in the emirate of Dubai, specialising in the diagnosis and management of Ear, Nose and Throat disorders. AHBC is the only clinic in the region with full range of Advance Hearing and Balance Testing. We have the unique ability to provide each patient with a complete care plan from assessment to treatment and rehabilitation. The assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of our patients, by our specialist medical team of Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialists, Audiologists and Speech Therapists, is performed as on-site appointments and day procedures using state-of-the art technology and world class facilities. This can include minor surgeries and procedures requiring local anaesthetic. For major surgeries and medical imaging requirements we have an easy and seamless referral service in place, where in many cases patients will be able to remain under the care of our specialists in a local Dubai Hospital. Currently, AHBC has agreements in place with City Hospital, Belhoul European Hospital, Medcare Hospital, Medeor Hospital and Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital. OUR VISION Our core aspiration is to deliver extraordinary care in all its dimensions and through this vision; become the leading Hearing & Balance Specialist Center in the region. Our vision is to provide a high standard of professional and compassionate care to all patients. OUR MISSION Our mission is to ensure that we maintain a professional and modern approach to the treatment of our patients by upholding our world-class medical standards and by providing a compassionate and expert service. We are committed to serving the diverse needs of all individuals, with sensitivity to cultural differences, and we will reflect the caring, compassionate and noble nature of our mission in all that we do.


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  • Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)
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Advance Hearing And Balance Center
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