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Specialist Active License Mediclinic Dubai Mall Medical Centre Br Mediclinic Clinics LLC License: 00228803-001
Nov 2018 - present
Dubai, UAE
Consultant Endocrinologist Oreda Centra Diagnostico
Jul 2011 - Jun 2015
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Mediclinic Dubai Mall Medical Centre Br Mediclinic Clinics LLC
Mediclinic Dubai Mall Medical Centre Br Mediclinic Clinics LLC - Borj Dubai
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ArabiaMD UserJanuary 2021

Please stay away from this doctor. I had a terrible experience with Dr Davide Mineo. This was my third consultation with Dr Mineo for mild hypothyroidism PCOS. The second consultation the doctor seemed to have completely forgotten me and what we discussed in the previous consult until I presented a paper from the last consultation which he had written on. This left me feeling a bit uncertain. In todays consult once again he seemed confused about my specific case and contradicted himself several times until I reminded him of what he himself said previously. One example is he said to wait a month on one course of medication before adding another medication. In this consult he said we need to start the second medication, until I reminded him its been less then two weeks since our last consult then he backtracked. This second medication is very expensive and not covered by health insurance. I tried to ask the doctor if this was essential medication especially since I would need to pay out of pocket and also because I had heard of unpleasant side effects. The doctor became very unpleasant towards me and said he doesnt care what I take as long as I lose weight... but then insisted I cant lose weight without this medication. Again I tried to get some clarity and he told me to read the leaflet out loud as if I was a child. He then said that he has a lot of experience and he knows what hes doing. I am appalled by how dismissive, unempathetic, patronizing and downright rude he was. Would strongly advise not to see him