What is a Beauty & Laser Therapist?


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A beauty and laser therapist is a practitioner who uses laser therapy to cosmetically improve the appearance of the skin. Laser therapy is available at many skincare and beauty boutiques, and specialist laser therapy centers offer a range of laser therapy services. The treatments aim to enhance the appearance by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, sagging skin, visible pores and areas of discolouration. Laser therapies are also used for epilation or depilation; the removal of unwanted hair. This can be performed on most parts of the body, though some sensitivity may occur immediately after treatment.Beauty and laser therapists perform their treatments in private rooms, and they will always advise their clients about the risks and benefits of any treatment. They should also be able to estimate the number of sessions required to achieve their clients’ goal. They will have had training and experience in a number of beauty treatments as well as light therapy, and should always explain the procedure, reassure the client throughout, and provide comprehensive aftercare advice for between sessions and after completion of the treatment.They may offer other beautician’s services such as microdermabrasion, laser tattoo removal, and other types of laser treatment or phototherapy.

What does a Beauty & Laser Therapist do?

Laser therapy has a wide range of uses in beauticians’ clinics.Laser therapy is helpful for the reduction of acne and the appearance of pores and works by stimulating collagen production. Collagen is the protein that gives the skin its elasticity, and collagen is responsible for keeping skin looking taut and youthful. Stimulated collagen production will also help to reduce visible lines and wrinkles.Areas of unusual or vascular pigmentation can benefit from a few sessions of laser treatment, too; the therapy can reduce or erase sunspots, age spots, strawberry nevus or café-au-lait birthmarks. It can also be used successfully on thread veins. A pulse of light energy at a specific frequency is aimed at problem areas, causing carefully localized damage to the pigment or cells responsible for the discolouration. These pigments are then broken down by the body and absorbed by the body’s natural processes.Laser hair removal is another treatment offered by many beauty clinics, and this works by directing a tiny pulse of energy towards the hair follicle to disrupt its ability to produce and retain new hairs. It’s one of the safest, reliable, and long-lasting methods of epilation. For permanent or near-permanent results, several sessions may be required over a period of time. Laser hair removal is up to 60 times faster than other treatments with similar results.People generally report some tingling, stinging, and increased sensitivity during and immediately after the session, but this usually subsides quite quickly. Some treatments require a numbing lotion to be applied to the skin beforehand. Some people may need more treatments than others to achieve their desired effect; this depends on skin type, tone, and the type of treatment they need.