Dr. Wilfred Apuya

Dr. Wilfred Apuya


Belhoul Speciality Hospital (l.l.c.)

Alkhaleej, Al BarahaAl Baraha

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Interventional Radiologist
14 years

About Dr. Wilfred Apuya

Dr. Wilfred Apuya is an interventional radiologist currently working at Belhoul Specialty Hospital in Dubai. He holds a Dubai Health Authority License with the number 163063. In terms of his work experience, Dr. Apuya has been an active technologist at Belhoul Speciality Hospital since February 2019. Prior to this, he served as the Chief Radiologic Technologist at Our Lady Of Lourdes International Medical Center from November 2010 to April 2016. As an interventional radiologist, Dr. Apuya specializes in minimally invasive procedures using medical imaging guidance. This includes various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as angioplasty, stent placement, embolization, and tumor ablation. Dr. Apuya is known for his expertise in delivering these procedures with precision and minimal discomfort for his patients. Reviews of Dr. Apuya's work highlight his professionalism, technical skills, and ability to put patients at ease during their procedures. His patients appreciate his clear communication and willingness to answer questions, ensuring they understand what to expect throughout their treatment journey. Patients also express confidence in his abilities, noting positive outcomes and a high level of satisfaction with their overall experience. With his experience and dedication to patient care, Dr. Wilfred Apuya is a respected interventional radiologist in Dubai, offering the latest advancements in minimally invasive procedures to improve patient health and well-being.

Work experience

Technologist Active License Belhoul Speciality Hospital(L.L.C.) License: 00163063-001
Feb 2019 - present
Dubai, UAE
Chief Radiologic Technologist Our Lady Of Lourdes International Medical Center
Nov 2010 - Apr 2016
No 2 National Highway Barangay Barretto Olongapo C
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