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Interventional Radiologist
16 years

About Dr. Alanood Albastaki

Dr. Alanood Albastaki is an Interventional Radiologist currently working at Rashid Hospital in Dubai. She holds a Dubai Health Authority License with the number 178537. Dr. Albastaki has been working at Rashid Hospital since November 2018, and her workplace is located in Oudh Metha, Dubai. Before joining Rashid Hospital, Dr. Alanood Albastaki had previous work experiences in the field of radiology. From October 2008 to June 2014, she worked as a Principle Radiographer 1 at DHA, which is the Dubai Health Authority. This experience provided her with a solid foundation in the field of diagnostic imaging. As an Interventional Radiologist, Dr. Alanood Albastaki specializes in performing minimally invasive procedures using image guidance. These procedures can treat a range of conditions, from cancer to vascular diseases. Interventional radiologists use imaging techniques such as X-rays, CT scans, and ultrasound to guide their procedures, which are often less invasive and have shorter recovery times compared to traditional surgeries. Dr. Alanood Albastaki's current role at Rashid Hospital allows her to provide specialized care to patients who require interventional radiology services. With her expertise and experience, she contributes to the healthcare system in Dubai and helps improve patient outcomes. Overall, Dr. Alanood Albastaki is a licensed Interventional Radiologist with extensive experience in the field. Her current position at Rashid Hospital allows her to utilize her skills and expertise to provide high-quality care to patients.

Work experience

Technologist Active License Rashid Hospital License: 00178537-001
Nov 2018 - present
Dubai, UAE
Principle Radiographer 1 Dha
Oct 2008 - Jun 2014
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