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Dubai, Oudh MethaOudh Metha

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Interventional Radiologist
18 years

About Dr. Shajith Kampurath

Dr. Shajith Kampurath is an Interventional Radiologist currently working at Rashid Hospital in Dubai, Oudh Metha. He holds a valid Dubai Health Authority License with the number 28062. Dr. Kampurath has extensive work experience in the field of radiography. From December 2006 to September 2018, he worked as a Senior Radiographer under the Dubai Health Authority. During this time, he gained valuable skills and knowledge in radiography. In November 2018, Dr. Kampurath joined Rashid Hospital as a Technologist. He currently holds an active license under Rashid Hospital with the license number 00028062-001. As an Interventional Radiologist, he is likely involved in performing minimally invasive procedures using image guidance. Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding Dr. Kampurath's educational background or any specific achievements or recognitions he may have received in his field. Overall, Dr. Shajith Kampurath is an Interventional Radiologist with a Dubai Health Authority License, currently working at Rashid Hospital. With his extensive experience in radiography, he brings valuable expertise to his role as a Technologist.

Work experience

Technologist Active License Rashid Hospital License: 00028062-001
Nov 2018 - present
Dubai, UAE
Senior Radiographer Dubai Health Authority
Dec 2006 - Sep 2018
Rashid Hospital Dubai-4545
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