Dr. Ahmed Amer

Dr. Ahmed Amer


The Dental Spa

Jumeira, Jumeira 3Jumeira - 3

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19 years

About Dr. Ahmed Amer

Dr. Ahmed Amer is a dentist currently practicing at The Dental Spa in Dubai. He has an active license with the Dubai Health Authority, with license number 241290. Dr. Amer has been working at The Dental Spa since January 2019, and he holds the position of General Dentist there. Prior to his current position, Dr. Amer worked as a dentist at The Dental Spa from June 2005 to March 2012. The Dental Spa is located in Jumeira, Jumeira 3. It is a well-known dental clinic in Dubai, known for providing quality dental care services. Dr. Amer's role as a dentist at The Dental Spa involves conducting general dental procedures and treatments. As of now, there are no specific reviews or feedback available about Dr. Amer's practice or expertise. However, it is important to note that his license is active, indicating that he is authorized to practice dentistry in Dubai. Patients seeking dental services can visit The Dental Spa to consult Dr. Amer for their dental needs.

Work experience

General Dentist Active License The Dental Spa License: 00241290-001
Jan 2019 - present
Dubai, UAE
Dentist The Dental Spa
Jun 2005 - Mar 2012
P O Box 75921 Dubai UAE
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The Dental Spa
Jumeira, Jumeira 3 - Jumeira - 3
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